Costa Rica Birding Journeys

Photography Itineraries

All areas have been chosen based on the 20 years of guiding success of our company, nothing has been left to chance except for nature itself. From the chill mountains of San Gerardo de Dota to the dry lowlands of the North Pacific. This photography experience has been created to capture all aspects of bird photography, shapes, colours, moments, above and beyond.

All daily activities would be based on light or natural opportunities such as nesting sites, feeding frenzy, fruiting trees, etc. During the down times or complicated light garden explorations of visits to other parts of the chosen destinations. Since we will be focused on no control environments or bird feeding stations; exploring the surrounding habitats near our lodges can well be highly rewarding. In many cases sitting still on flowering bushes or tree cavities can give us positive results.

7 Nights Photography

7 Nights

10 Nights Photography

10 Nights

14 nights Photography

14 Nights