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Experienced birders are often disappointed with the pre-packaged itineraries of commercialized birding tours. With an emphasis on quality and personalized service, Costa Rica Birding Journeys takes you far off the beaten path of mainstream tourism, and into the lush tropical landscapes where you’re most likely to find the bird, you’re looking for.

Free from the crowds, your journey offers both quality and intimate experiences as tour groups rarely exceed 6 people. Move at your own pace and enjoy the expert tutelage of your local guide, whose vast knowledge of Costa Rica bird species as well as the native flora and fauna helps familiarize you with the diverse habitats and micro-ecosystems of Costa Rica.


Costa Rica Birding Journeys understands that every experienced birder has his or her own personal bird wish list, and we conduct each tour by the philosophy of “if the bird matters, quality matters.” Expect that your birding journey will be carefully planned in accordance with your particular interests. We are just as excited as you to find the birds on your list.

As most experienced birders know, bird watching in a foreign country requires a working knowledge of local habitats, species behaviors, bird calls, and surrounding flora and fauna. For many reasons, a birding guide is always recommended. For example, an experienced professional guide not only helps you locate the birds you’re looking for but also provides valuable information on each bird’s diet, behaviors, and breeding rituals. It’s a service that most birders never go without.

Costa Rica Birding Journeys employs only the most experienced local guides. With a network of professional birding guides throughout Costa Rica, we can connect you with the most experienced guides in every region.


Professionally leading worldwide birders, our guides speak up to six languages, including Spanish, English, French, German, Dutch, and Japanese, and some are career ornithologists. All our guides are specialists in their particular region and have an intimate knowledge of every trial, nesting site, feeding zone, and migration route in their respective parks.

Costa Rica

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Carara: 9.698228, -83.781738
Tapanti: 9.778085, -83.812637
Arenal National Park: 10.543800, -84.896400
Bosque de Paz: 10.204176, -84.320068
Ensenada: 10.146156, -85.023193
Tenorio National Park: 10.654029, -85.017700
San Gerardo: 9.558400, -83.805100
Piedras Blancas: 8.641000, -83.168600
Monteverde: 10.367776, -84.737549
Tortuguero: 10.479119, -83.496094
Caño Negro: 10.917258, -84.737549
Manuel Antonio: 9.393781, -84.152870
Kekoldi: 9.656760, -82.771800
Bajos del Toro: 10.213800, -84.297800
Corcovado: 8.530945, -83.605957
La Selva: 10.463842, -84.012451
Palo Verde: 10.292119, -85.286865
Los Quetzales: 9.615813, -83.913574
Poas Volcano: 10.122858, -84.244537
San Vito: 8.820900, -82.970100
Perez Zeledon: 9.371400, -83.704000
Turrialba: 9.930681, -83.681488
Sierpe: 8.861850, -83.471200
Los Chiles: 11.035500, -84.714100
Braulio Carrillo: 9.994400, -84.042664
Virgen del Socorro: 10.277500, -84.164500
Boca Tapada: 10.826730, -84.710083